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Document Management

Document management systems are fast becoming a must for any business. They vastly improve overall efficiency, provide peace of mind through optimised data recovery and enhanced security.

Let’s review the main benefits.

1. Time and money savings
There is a tremendous hidden cost generated by time consuming manipulation of paper files. Using a Document management system the search for a document lasts only seconds. Also, you reduce the costs associated with hardcopy documents, such as paper, printing, archiving and storage space.

2.  Security  


Print Solutions

Maintaining an effective, accessible but cost efficient print environment is important to most businesses. However this service will also need to be secure and controllable. Offering access to regular staff but also casual users or visitors. Certain hardware might need access or functionality restrictions to control costs and to spread the load. Others needing to print not just from their desktop but from their mobile devices.

All these considerations combined with the need to review usage and bill back to clients, departments or individual staff.

That’s why our products come or can be supplied with, numerous print solutions.


Managed Print Services

Analysing, monitoring and optimising your own print infrastructure is difficult and time consuming. However with reports suggesting that document production can as much as 3% of a companies revenue expenditure, it’s not an area to be ignored.

At Technocopy Solutions we offer our customers a fully Managed Print Services solution. Providing account manager who proactively work for you to management and continual optimisation print environment. Ensuring that you maintain effective controls which will save money, increase efficiency and improve your productivity.

So how do we assess your needs and tailor our offering?