Accredited Direct Support  

Technocopy Solutions are proud to offer outstanding manufacturer approved service nationwide. We can provide competitive contract pricing inclusive of parts, labour and toner, or we also offer a Time & Materials options for that emergency one off solution.

Our specialist service support covers Olivetti, Canon & Lexmark. Officially accredited service providers operating to the same exacting standard as the manufacturers themselves.

Fully Trained Staff

We do not operate from a call centre, or have a call waiting system. All our service calls come directly to our head office and are logged by dedicated staff.

Our technicians are directly employed members of staff who are fully trained to support the entire range of devices from our carefully selected partners. They carry only genuine parts with stock levels to fix all but the most unusual of eventualities. They are manufacturer trained and supported.

Just as importantly, they are smart, polite, customer friendly.

IT Assistance

As machines have become increasingly technical and network connected, we have also increased the number of calls we can resolve remotely. Using software to monitor and remedy faults from a distance. In some cases this means we can detect and resolve any future problem before you’re even aware of it.

Also remote monitoring means we can collect accurate meter readings to ensure correct invoicing every time.

Service Contracts

Our Service Contracts offer you ‘peace of mind’ with a current average 3 hours working time.  The costs include labour, parts and toner.

We also do remedial and preventative maintenance work to minimise disruption at what other wise might be a critical business time.

Keeping your investment working fully productive, available and operating at only its highest quality output levels.