Managed Print Services

What MPS Means To You  

Key Benefits of a Managed Print Service include:

  • Savings of 30% and more on your copy/print costs
  • Single supplier for equipment, service & support
  • Internal IT resource can concentrate on core tasks
  • Employee productivity is enhanced
  • Confidential documents remain secure
  • Environmental targets will be met


Use our expertise and time to manage and improve your print infrastructure. 


Save your time and internal resources whilst we continue to save you money.


No more worries about spiraling print costs, device availability or document security. 

MPS Process Steps

We use a combination of methods to analyse your current print infrastructure. This can include software to collect usage information, manual meter collections and staff interviews to fully understand departmental requirements and potential bottle-necks.
We cross-reference our initial findings with our clients, to test our understanding of the findings so far. After gaining their insight on the data available, we go on to discuss their current requirements and future plans.
Based on all the information gathered, we create a tailored plan of changes combined with a detailed costs and a return on investment. Most often the proposed changes are set as a timetable of phased stages. This decreases initial costs and helps customers achieve a gradual program in which products are replaced at life end.
Our Design Proposal is then presented to the decision makers for review. We would expect that most of the details of this first proposal will be acceptable but further discussions do generally result in minor alterations before the contract is fully approved.
The implementation stage is backed by documentation that will clearly identify the roles and responsibilities across both businesses. This ensures that everything goes to plan and that deadlines in all areas are hit. We always allocate one of our experienced account managers to over see and remain the key point of contact for the entire programme.
Through manual and automated systems, Technocopy will continue to monitor and manage your print/copier fleet, as previously agreed within our contract. This will ensure that the products are functioning as expected and that our Service Levels Agreements (SLA’s) are met.
Regular review meetings are a standard part of our MPS agreements. At these we share detailed data reports on usage, costs etc. We also agree any adjustments or proposed alterations to the phased timetable previously agreed.
Due to careful management, monitoring and review, the customers print infrastructure will remain “fit for purpose”, ensuring that cost savings and service improvements continue to be both achieved and surpassed.


Watch as your print facilities improve productivity whilst documents costs are attributed accurately. 

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Let us create a partnership which grows over time whilst continually providing measurable benefits to all.